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New Positions

New Positions

Exciting times are coming to our club. Come be a part of it! We want to make this spring season of soccer the biggest & best season ever! Help us accomplish this by joining our team.

The new Sayreville Soccer Club board is looking for volunteers to help make this spring season & the future seasons at SSC the best it can be. We cannot do it without you.

We can use you. No job is too big or small for volunteers. There are plenty of new positions available. Join this new wave of energy & help us move in a positive direction for our club. Contact us or any of the board members (listed on our website) to see where you can help!

New Positions:

Recreation & Travel Soccer Team:
• Travel Coordinator
• Registrar
• Coach & Player Development Director
• Coach & Player Development Director Coordinator 

Fields & Equipment Team:
• Field & Maintenance Coordinator

Sales & Fundraising Team:
• Concession Stand Coordinator
• Tournament Director
• Special Events Planner

Communications Team:
• Team Parent Coordinator

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