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Requests for refunds should be sent to the appropriate program director and/or an administrator. All refunds need to be approved before they are processed. Refunds will be provided in the same manner as the original payment. If a credit card refund is not possible due to operational reasons, a check will be issued and mailed to the address on file. Please allow up to 30 days to process requests for refunds, although most are processed within 7 days.

Refunds or credits will be granted, fully or partially, only for the following reasons:

  • Program for which the player signed up is not launched or is canceled 
  • If a player is erroneously registered for the wrong program, a refund will be applied for the difference between the costs of the two programs;
  • Player relocates such that it is difficult or not possible to continue to play;
  • For programs that do not require tryouts (recreation/academy in Fall, Winter, or Spring), refunds or credits will be applied in the following increments:
    • Full refund minus credit card processing fees, if requested prior to the close of the registration period
    • Refund minus processing fees, uniform cost, and training fees, if after the close of the registration period but before the start of the season.
    • No refund if after the start of the season and uniform has already been received.
      • Credits for the following season will be applied to those players that suffer an injury, before or during the season, that does not allow them to play safely.

Sayreville Soccer Club commits and contracts trainers/coaches based on the number of participants and teams at the close of registration and incur expenses based on the roster expectations; when a player withdraws from a program after teams are formed, coaches/trainers are assigned, and uniforms are ordered, SSC has limited ability to reduce and recoup those expenses.

In the event of a COVID19 related shut-down, registrations will be prorated and refunded based on services provided minus operating costs and fees. As a 501c3, our program is run as close to cost (including operational budget) as possible.

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